STP Extended Life Oil Filter

STP Extended Life Oil Filter Oil Filter

$13.99 x 1

Part Number: 377196
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Part Number: 436-MO8100XCN5W40001
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STP Extended Life Oil Filter Oil Filter features:

STP Extended Life Oil Filters provide maximum protection for your vehicle's engine. Its superior synthetic resin media traps contaminates with 99% efficiency over the life of the filter Engineered to provide 10,000 Miles of engine protection, when used with synthetic oil 99% Efficiency @ > 20 Microns * ( as per ISO-4548-12) Optimized for Synthetic & Conventional Oil Changes Silicone sealing gasket withstands extreme temperature ranges -80°F to 400°F and resist oxidation Silicone anti-drain back valve has the ability to withstand higher temperatures, resist oxidation and maintain proper function over a longer period of time